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by: Jesse Lambert

It’s Wednesday May 11, 2011 and I am walking down Queen St. East in Toronto, Ontario headed towards The Opera House. I am gearing up with the music of underground Hip Hop pumping in my ears from my iPod. I can already see a great line up of people waiting for “Canuck – The Industry Tour” featuring the #1 independent hip hop artist in the world, “Tech N9ne” from Strange Music Inc. “Techn9tions” “Juggalos” and all forms of fans of underground hip hop are here to see him.

Opening for Tech N9ne tonight is Toronto’s own “So Sick Social Club” the only hip hop musicians on the JagerMusic Canada label. They are ripping up their set on stage with bloody knives, Jagermeister shots, and a naked girl and sending out a So Sick blow up doll to the crowd. Their high energy stage presence just makes you want to jump around with their beats flowing through the Opera House. They are an experience all on their own. Look them up at

The main support for this tour “The Scale Breaker’s” from Vancouver Island, BC make their name stand out. Over the top energy, lyricism, and weight make the crowd love them. The interaction with the crowd impresses me a lot from concert to concert. These guys now have one very impressed new fan in me. Make sure you check them out at

Now while waiting for Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko to grace the stage, there is actually a fight between a few people. “Hello people we are all here for the love of music, why be dumb?” The guy next to me starts a Tech N9ne chant and the whole building goes with it. All you can hear are hundreds of fans chanting “Tech N9ne”! It’s absolutely amazing to hear this much love for someone of the underground hip hop movement. It just puts a smile on your face when you are this deep into the music scene.

This is the second show of Tech N9ne’s incredible total of 82 shows in 85 days. The lights go off, the bass starts to shake the building and the crowd starts to scream. Then the grunts come over the speakers as Tech N9ne appears with his full fueled run out to the middle of the stage. His face paint, dancing and voice all make you give your full attention to his stage. Tech N9ne calling out Krizz Kaliko just makes the show that much better. The choreographed dances that they bring make people scream and chant “Tech N9ne” more and more. It feels like hours that you stand there listening to every word, capturing every move he makes, you don’t want to miss a moment. That is what Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko bring to every show they do.

For someone like myself who makes his way too many concerts of all types, I have to say in my opinion Tech N9ne always amazes me because it’s never the same. He doesn’t bring crazy lights, props, or anything to take your attention away from him, just the way it should be. Tech N9ne is, in my opinion, hands down, the best rapper, lyricist, and all around performer in hip hop and music to date. Make sure you check out one of the “Canuck – The Industry Tour” dates in a city near you! Dates and venues can be found at

Click HERE for photos of the show!

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