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Photos and interview by: Jonathan Pignataro

On the 4th night of the Jagermeister SnoCore Tour 2010 we caught up with
Protest The Hero.

Hailing from Whitby, Ontario, they headlined this event with opening acts Doll, Elias and The Set.

Live ‘N Loud (LNL): With the start of the SnoCore Tour what did you as a band do to prepare for it?

Protest The Hero (PTH): This was actually the 4th date on the tour. We played a show in Oshawa last weekend, Hawthorne Heights had to drop off the tour, we didn’t really do any proper preparation.

LNL: With the release of your live dvd what can we expect to see from you?

PTH: We don’t think that live dvds are ever a good idea, they could be a good idea but ours wasn’t…

LNL: Why is that?

PTH: We never really sat down with the film company before hand; with more planning we could have produced a better product. We’re happy we did give it an opportunity to see the band in our most natural environment, and getting to see us doing live shows from around the world.

LNL: What advice could you give any kids who are either in a band or who are looking to start a band in the industry today?

PTH: Don’t start a band, but if you have started a band praise the Lord, breakdown as much as possible, scream your balls off, auto tune, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter the fuck out of it! If you want to write passionate music don’t plan on doing it for a living… Simple as that.

LNL: What in essence would be your ultimate career goal?

PTH: We think it would be cool to have a street named after you or to have a plaque outside your house!

LNL: Who were all your idols growing up?

PTH: Garth Brookes, Propaghandi, The Doors, Fat Mike.

LNL: Great! Thank you for your time!

Click here to view photos of Protest The Hero’s set!

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  1. GOSCA says:

    It was more like a brief conversation rather than an actual interview but good nonetheless :)

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